Air Source Heat Pumps

Heat pumps use 3/4 renewable ambient air, and just 1/4 electrical energy

Air source heat pumps can be classified as renewable energy as they extract heat from a renewable source, the air around us.

Air source heat pumps are more efficient than traditional fossil fuel heating systems, as 66%-80% of heat is "free" for every 1kW of electrical energy consumed, generating 3kW-5kW of heating or cooling when you need it.

Using the following as a simple example:

  3kW of ambient air
+ 1kW of electrical energy
= 4kW of heat
Heat Pump example. 1kW Electricity + 3kW Ambient Air = 4kW Heat

By using an air source heat pump, your home can be heated with 4kW of heat by using just 1kW of electricity, giving you 3kW of energy for free, lowering your energy bills!